goodreasonnews said: Hi! had a libertarian question for you. I think that the problem I have with libertarianism is the philosophy includes no call for businesses to act responsibly or transparently. It, in fact, provides both an ideal environment for business to operate outside the interest of citizens and all the resources it would need to hide its crimes, misinform and otherwise take advantage. Gov't stands between those practices & people. It frequently fails, but I don't see how breaking the dam stops the leak.

Really?  You think the government stands against the interest of citizens and the interest of business?  Do you read the news?  Do you see the fraud committed every day by big banks, big business, and wall street every day?  All because of their partnership with government.  None of which they would get away with in a free market since they wouldn’t be protected. 

Let’s play a little thought experiment.  Since you were probably talking about the “exploited” factory workers and such.  You think in a free market everyone would be making less than a dollar an hour and working in extremely unsafe conditions. 

So lets say Goodreasonnews (GRN) starts a business.  GRN starts out paying his employees pennies and doesn’t give a shit about work place safety.  By doing so GRN is making hefty profits.  So entrepreneur MoralAnarchism (MA) see the profits you are making and wants to compete against you.

But to do so I’d have to steal some of your best and brightest employees.  So how am I going to do this?  By either offering them more money, a better/safer working condition, and just a better place to work.  So I might not make as much of a profit as you are making, I’d still be making a lot and you’d be losing your best employees. 

So if we both continue to make good profits, entrepreneur 3 will join the field and do the same thing I did. 

In the end all 3 of us would have to offer more money, better/safer working environment, and be more responsible to the employees.  Otherwise in the end no one will want to work for us if we are just going to exploit them.  Sure these changes don’t happen over time but that’s how work place conditions improve.  Not through government rules and regulations. 

Now if GRN is making a nice profit and doesn’t want any competition he will donate money and buy politicians like in our current system.  GRN and the politicians will right rules and regulations making it near impossible for anyone else to enter the market place.  But since you have already made all your money you can afford to comply while no one else can.  That’s how our current system works now. 

Your argument is flawed from the beginning.  If libertarian philosophy meant businesses could just exploit their workers for obscene profits wouldn’t all business owners, large corporations, big banks, and Wall Street all support libertarianism?  So why do they support the status quo corporatist in the Republican and Democratic Party?  

Use some common sense here.