As she found out she was only useful when Bush was in office.  As soon as the Democrats and Obama took over Washington they threw he to the sides.  Starting wars, mass murdering, violating civil liberties, and oppressing the world is only a problem when the Republicans are in charge. 

Besides being told 500 times that, “McCain would have been worse,” I have also heard, or seen myself, being called, “an extremist” or “ideologue” by some of the very same people who gave me awards and wrote glowing pieces about me just a few years back. If a Republican once again takes up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, will I, once again, become smart and courageous?
To me, in the perpetual political hypnosis and hypocrisy that exists in this nation, the most tragic thing is that the dead, too numerous to actually count, were used by the Faux-gressives as convenient weapons to bludgeon Bush and the Republican party, but were so easily discarded as garbage on the dung heap of US electoral politics when victory was declared by the Democratic warniks.
Well, I am going to tell you for the 500th time, that it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House— the Empire will crush everyone it rolls over without any qualms—and those people and their loves, dreams, struggles, and, especially their lives, always, always, always matter. Period. 
I now know that to most “liberal” Democrats, killing by the Imperial Army is only considered wrong if a Republican does it— so, even though it is a false concern, we are at least able to predict that if a Republican is elected, we will see people out in the streets protesting those murders.